At Mükafat Portföy Yönetimi;

  • Our Fundamental Philosophy: To develop innovative investment alternatives for national and international investors, who wish to get high yields for their savings and investments, without compromising on our core values and traditions in accordance with the international principles of interest-free financing, as well as to maximize client satisfaction by adopting an understandable and accessible approach.
  • Our Objective: To provide services for national and international individual and institutional investors with high-yield interest-free investment alternatives in a transparent and reliable manner, and to guide investments to profitable opportunities as one of the gateways of international investors to Turkey.
  • Our Principle: To protect the rights of our clients, employees and shareholders under any circumstances whatsoever and without seeking for any interest, and to increase our value to society and environment by means of our expertise and sense of business which does not compromise on quality.
  • Our Purpose: To give a new impulse to national and international interest-free financial markets with our innovative and dynamic structure, strong shareholders, game-changing products and team of experts, as well as to establish well-founded and long-term relations with our investors, always keeping our values and responsibilities in our minds.

The company adopts a transparent and effective risk management approach, under which a high level of awareness on the concept of risk is attained, while managing investments.

It is aimed to detect any risks that might affect the available portfolios and the company, to monitor these risks regularly, and thereby, to prevent realization of any such risks.

Portfolio managers act according to these principles throughout the decision-making process. While making decisions on investments, both resolutions adopted by the investment committee and the risk management policies are taken into account.

Risk Management perform assessments by reviewing compliance of the corporate practices with the applicable regulations by and through Inspection and Internal Control activities, and it meets the requirements sought to achieve a more effective risk management, where possible.